Best Family Roadtrips

Driving can be a brilliant way to enjoy the sights and explore a landscape with your kids and entire family. Renting a car on vacation and taking off as a team, in order to inspire you for some quality family time is a great way to spend your time off. I both advise using Avis coupons and have selected several of the best countries to roadtrip in.

1. Austria – Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse

The High Alpine Road or the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse how the locals call it, passes through the Hohe Tauern National Park. The landscape is stunning. As the road climbs to 2,504 meters, it is offering seemingly limitless views over the range of 37 mountains. You can combine a fly-drive trip and use a car rental from the airport in Salzburg. As the road soars through the ever changing landscape, there is plenty of variety that can keep the passengers happy.

There are barren and dramatic rocky cliffs, pine-clad hills, penetrating the mountain peaks of the Alps, lakes and glaciers, and verdant meadows. The route is difficult in winter and is closed from November until May, being best driven in late spring and summer. It is recommended to check the weather forecast before starting your journey, because visibility can be affected by dense fog even when the route is open. It is also best to start early in the morning in order to avoid the hordes of tourists.

2. France – Verdon Gorge circuit Provence

This road is well known as one of the most attractive regions of France. You can experience it at its finest with a road trip. The Verdon Gorge circuit rises at first gently, then sharply to villages like Tourtour. Higher yet are Europe’s version of the Grand Canyon, the Verdon gorges. They provide Europe’s most dramatic driving, with drops of 2,000 ft. As you slip back south, the road is more gently around Sainte-Croix lake and down to Thoronet Abbey. Keep the kids occupied during this time with games and books.

It takes around four hours to do the Verdon Gorge circuit non-stop. However, that would be pointless as these hill roads require care and frequent stops. It is recommended to allow all day for your roadtrip. The circuit is best driven in early autumn, late summer, and late spring. You need to be careful in high summer, as the gorges can get clogged.

In order to save rushing later on, you have to start early in the morning. Also ensure to start with a full tank from Lorgues because gas stations are scarce elsewhere. You may use some car rental coupons and rent a car from the Nice airport.

3. Iceland – Route One

Iceland’s spectacular volcanoes, waterfalls, ash deserts, lava fields, hot springs and geysers make for an amazing road trip. The Route One road circumnavigates the island. Among its highlights are included the rocky vistas of the south coast, the north-east ash fields, the whale-watching at Husavik and hot springs at Myvatn on the north coast.

4. Romania – The Transfagarasan

“Dracula’s country” provides a great budget roadtrip, as well as “world’s best driving road”. The Transfagarasan highway is an extraordinary feat of engineering, packed with viaducts, tunnels, and bridges. The road stretches over more than 50 miles, through the scenic mountain passes of the Southern Carpathians. The Transfagarasan is a most scenic drive, ascending the mountains in hairpin bends through forests.